FEIC (Asia) Limited (FEIC) is an insurance and reinsurance broker, registered in Labuan, a recognised Labuan Financial Services Centre Malaysia.

All companies registered in Labuan are regulated by the Labuan FSA.

FEIC (Asia) Limited is Licenced to carry on business as an Labuan Insurance Broker under the Labuan Companies Act 1990, Licence Number: BS200650.

FEIC was established in 2006 to mainly handle reinsurance for both Aviation and other classes of Special Risk.

The strategy of the company is to develop a close working relationship with our clients so that we understand their needs and can provide the best service to meet their requirements.

To FEIC every customer is important and we like to develop a "YES WE CAN" attitude to requests (however we cannot guarantee to solve every problem - but we will try).

The company is committed to servicing clients needs and we welcome every opportunity to demonstrate our service to both existing and prospective clients.

Full details of Labuan FSA can be found on the Labuan FSA website:- www.labuanfsa.gov.my


Registered Office:

Labuan, F.T. Malaysia.

Administration Office:

Bangkok, Thailand.

Associated Offices:

Indonesia, Singapore, Nepal, Cambodia. London.

Malaysia Office:

KL Marketing Office

Customers in:

Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Maldives, Philippines, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

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Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer
Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok Thailand (Image © Roger Price / Wikimedia Commons)