Aviation Loss of Licence Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage for Aviation Professionals

Aviation Loss of Licence insurance is a vital cover designed to protect pilots in the event of a loss or suspension of their professional licence due to medical reasons. In the event of death, the insurance policy provides compensation to the beneficiary designated by the insured. This specialised insurance provides financial support and peace of mind to pilots who rely on their licences for their livelihoods. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding pilots’ professional future.

Furthermore, total and irreversible loss of autonomy (TILA) is a critical aspect covered by this insurance. In cases where the insured individual becomes permanently disabled and unable to perform their professional duties, the policy offers financial support to help them adapt to a new lifestyle. This assistance can aid in covering medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and providing necessary support services.

FEIC specialises in providing comprehensive insurance solutions for pilots and has access to a network of insurers that provide this form of insurance. These insurers, in turn, have access to the services of expert medical personnel. When you obtain loss of licence insurance through FEIC, your insurers will evaluate the premium based on factors such as your age and other relevant factors. The maximum benefit payable is typically either two or three times your annual salary, up to a maximum of five times your annual salary. Offering you a substantial level of cover.

Conditions for Subscription to the Contract

To sign up, you must meet the following cumulative conditions:

Conditions for Flight Crew/Commercial Pilots:

  • Age Limit: No more than 50 years old on the subscription date.
  • Active Service: Must be in active service without reduction of hours for health reasons.
  • Authorisation to Work: Holder of the authorization to work in the profession. With valid Medical Certificate: Must possess a valid medical certificate of fitness to work as flight crew issued by a competent aeromedical center.

Conditions for Trainee Pilot:

  • Age Limit: No more than 44 years old on the subscription date.
  • Medical Certificate: Must hold a valid medical certificate of fitness to work as flight crew issued by a competent aeromedical center.

These conditions ensure that aviation professionals, including trainee pilots, are eligible for loss of licence insurance coverage. It is essential for flight crew members to meet the age requirement and remain actively involved in their profession without any significant reduction in hours due to health-related reasons. Additionally, possessing the necessary authorisation to work in the aviation industry and holding a valid medical certificate of fitness to work as a flight crew are prerequisites for enrollment.

Provided all conditions have been met, coverage and benefits in this insurance policy may be subject to a waiting period, which is a predetermined span of time during which specific coverage or benefits are not immediately accessible to the policyholder. It serves as a waiting period before the policy becomes effective and certain benefits can be claimed. During this waiting period, the policyholder is not eligible to receive the stated benefits or coverage.

Premium Payment, Renewal, and Required Documents

Premium Payment

Premium is payable in advance. Either annually, monthly, quarterly, or six-monthly instalment.



The policy takes effect until 31st December of the current year and will automatically renew on the 1st  January of the following year. Unless the policyholder explicitly cancels or terminates the policy before 31st December. This renewal will continue for one-year periods.


Documents required to apply.

  • Valid medical aptitude certificate issued by competent Aeromedical Centre
  • Completed and signed questionnaire
  • Authorisation to serve as flight crew (or your license)
  • Bank details, if payments are made by direct debit
  • Copy of both side of identity documents

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