What Is Temporary Unfitness Cover?

Temporary unfitness coverage is aimed at protecting individuals who experience a temporary inability to perform their professional duties due to illness, injury, or medical conditions. During this period, when the insured person is temporarily unfit for work, this coverage provides financial support. It includes benefits such as income replacement or a percentage of the insured person’s salary during their period of temporary unfitness. This coverage helps individuals maintain their financial stability while recovering and unable to work temporarily.

  • Minimum amount of daily allowance €50 and maximum of €500 per day.

(Amount of daily allowance may not be higher than 80% of basic salary that you have received over the 12 months preceding the temporary unfitness)

  • may only be chosen as a supplement to the mandatory coverage.
  • Trainee pilots can’t subscribe to this coverage.


You have the choice between one of the following excess periods*:

  • 30 consecutive days in case of illness or Accident;
  • 60 consecutive days in case of illness or Accident;
  • 90 consecutive days in case of illness or Accident;

Daily allowance shall be acquired at the end of the excess period chosen, and at the earliest on the day a work period commences. The excess period is discontinued from both working periods and res days. Rest days are included in the maximum 730 day coverage period.

*Excess period – uninterrupted period of work after which daily allowance will be paid to you. No indemnity may be paid during the Excess period.

Within the framework of the Temporary Unfitness Coverage, there are two options available:

  1. Non-deduction of per daily allowance from the permanent loss of license capital.

If the policyholder temporarily loses their fitness or authorization to work as a flight crew due to the same reason that caused their permanent loss of license, and they receive daily allowances during that temporary period, those allowances will not be subtracted from the final payout amount they are entitled to receive.

  1. Deduction of the daily allowance paid by the Representative from the Permanent loss of licence capital.

If the policyholder’s medical fitness or authorization to work as flight crew is definitively withdrawn due to the same caused that led to their permanent loss of license, following a temporary period of unfitness, the insurance payout they receive will be reduced by the sum of all the daily allowances they receive during that temporary period.

Excluded Risks

Coverage does not apply for one of the following reasons:

  • Illness or accidents caused intentionally by the policyholder or resulting from conscious or sub conscious suicide attempts or self-harm.
  • The use of drugs or medication without a prescription
  • Acute alcoholism, when alcohol level recorded is higher than the legally tolerated rate,
  • Medically certified chronic alcoholism
  • In the event of illnesses or Accidents resulting from combat (except in the case of legitimate defense) or which result from deliberate exposure to an exceptional danger (except for attempts to rescue persons or property),
  • In the event of a civil or foreign war, riot, uprising, unless the policyholder does not play an active role therein or is called upon to carry out a maintenance or surveillance mission aimed at ensuring the safety of persons and property.

(Legitimate defense, assistance of persons in danger or performance of professional duties are covered),

  • Direct or indirect effects of splitting the atom,
  • Air accidents on an aircraft not issued with a valid certificate airworthiness. Matches, bet, aerial acrobatics, records, record attempts or their preparatory trails are exclude from the coverage.
  • Maternity leave,
  • Mental and psychiatric disorders and anxiety and depression, except:
  • Severe pathology requiring hospitalization for more than 21 consecutive days in a specialist establishment.
  • If said disorder result in an occupational accident occurring on board an aircraft.
  • Thermal cures, Thalassotherapy rehabilitation centres, rest homes and dietary cures

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