What Is Permanent Loss of Licence Cover?

Permanent Loss of License coverage serves as a lifeline for flight crew members, providing essential financial protection in the face of an abrupt and unforeseen end to their careers. By securing PLOL coverage, aviation professionals can safeguard their financial well-being and mitigate the potential hardships arising from accidents, illnesses, or regulatory decisions. It stands as a testament to the aviation industry’s commitment to the welfare of its workforce, ensuring that those who dedicate their lives to the skies are adequately supported even in times of adversity.

Choice of Coverage

Up to 31 December which follows your:Maximum capital amount
48th birthdayEUR 600,000 limited to 5 times your basic annual Salary
49th birthdayEUR 550,000 limited to 4 times your basic annual Salary
50th birthdayEUR 500,000 limited to 4 times your basic annual Salary
51st birthdayEUR 450,000 limited to 3 times your basic annual Salary
52nd birthdayEUR 400,000 limited to 3 times your basic annual Salary

For trainee pilots, the maximum that may be chosen is EUR 110,000.

Excluded Risks

Coverage does not apply for one of the following reasons:

  • Illness or Accidents caused intentionally by the policyholder, or resulting from conscious or subconscious suicide attempts or self-harm
  • Use of drugs or medication without prescription
  • Acute alcoholism, when alcohol level recorded is higher than the legally tolerated rate,
  • Medically certified chronic alcoholism
  • Criminal act the policyholder is found guilty of,
  • In the event of illnesses or Accidents resulting from combat (except in the case of legitimate defense) or which result from deliberate exposure to an exceptional danger (except for attempts to rescue persons or property),
  • In the event of a civil or foreign war, riot, uprising, unless the policyholder does not play an active role therein or is called upon to carry out a maintenance or surveillance mission aimed at ensuring the safety of persons and property.

(Legitimate defense, assistance of persons in danger or performance of professional duties are covered),



  • Mental and psychiatric disorders and anxiety and depression, except:
  • Severe pathology requiring hospitalization for more than 21 consecutive days in a specialist establishment.
  • If said disorder result in an occupational accident occurring on board an aircraft.
  • Direct or indirect effects of splitting the atom
  • Risks resulting from an air accident are only covered if the policyholder is on-board an aircraft authorized to fly by a valid certificate of airworthiness and flown by pilot holding a valid license and qualification.

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